Everett: Bike Courier

Everett works as a bicycle courier for Jimmy John's in Seattle.

Everett works as a bicycle courier for Jimmy John’s in Seattle.

After I finished riding downtown with West Seattle Bike Connections’ Don Brubeck, I saw a lean figure blaze by on a cool bike. I gave chase and caught up with Everett near Safeco Field. He’s a bike courier for Jimmy John’s.

“I’ve pretty much been doing it since I was 17 or 18 and I’m now 23. I just really like bikes, and like the freedom of riding around. Biking is a great way to meet a lot of people. I moved to Seattle from San Antonio. The bike scene there wasn’t really that great. Here in Seattle it’s pretty much alive and kickin’.”

“I got my dad biking. He’s had a couple of health problems, and I actually got him into biking so he could lose weight. Now he bikes 2-3 miles a day.”

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  • Hi Eric, I saw your link from SFB and just read all the posts to date. I’m signing up! They are so enjoyable and encouraging. The cooking an omelette video hilarious (and discouraging).

    Good luck with this venture. It reminds me a bit of Humans of New York, which I love. Maybe I’ll cross paths with you on the streets someday. Black Edgerunner, red bags, usually a boy or two on deck.