Alvin Graham Jr.
Passion. Determination. Resilience.

Alvin Graham Jr. of Team PDR (Passion. Determination. Resilience.).

Alvin Graham Jr. of Team PDR (Passion. Determination. Resilience.).

Editor’s Note: You may have seen Alvin cycling on training rollers at Westlake Center. I placed too much faith in the quality of the voice-to-text dictation app I was using on my iPhone, so please forgive me if the interview isn’t verbatim.

“I am currently leaving Seattle, heading out to Federal Way. I average about 18 mph. I ride 365 days a year — rain or shine.”

“I started cycling on training rollers in public on September 27, 2009. I’m currently over 65,000 miles. I ride in order to make sure that our veterans and their families and children are not forgotten. My father recently passed away July 15 of this year, so I’m dedicated to riding faster in honor of his memory.”

“For work I set up health and fitness programs for families and children battling obesity, juvenile diabetes, and cancer. I’m into helping a lot of at-risk youth.”

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