Riding on the Mama Ship

The Mama Ship at Seattle's Pike Place Market.

The Mama Ship at Seattle’s Pike Place Market.

“I’m pretty new at being a bike mom but I’m loving it because I don’t have to drive. It’s super convenient for me just to ride my bike downtown and pick them up. Having a bike where I can fit my kids and ride with them is awesome. It’s freeing and gives us so many more options. They have so much fun. Elijah — he’s only one — but when he sees the bike he tries to climb up on it. Every time he sees a bike he gets so excited. They just love it.”

Me: Does your bike have a name?

Kids: “The Mama Ship!”

G&O Family Cyclery
G&O is a great resource for families interested in this kind of bicycling. Located in Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood, G&O specializes in cargo and family bikes with love for all! Inspired to help families become less car-dependent and to share the fun of bicycling with children.