Father & Son Love Their All-weather Bullitt

Bullitt Dad Rob

I met Rob and his son at the Ballard Locks just in time to test the Bullitt in a torrential downpour.

“I’ve always loved riding bikes. I’ve been a mountain biker for about 15 years. Now that we have Julian, mountain biking is incompatible with having a son and spending a lot of time with him — now at least — and he’s almost 2. I was looking for a way to share my love of biking with my son. The cargo bike seemed like a good idea. I tried a whole bunch out and the Long John type style was the coolest thing. It was kind of a challenge for me. It was different. I was a little skeptical about the power-assist, but then I tried one — got to keep an open mind — and it was amazing and so much fun.”

“When I got it early in the summer he was only 14-16 months old. He was a little unsure. I realized it was because I was going too fast. I slowed it down to about 10-12 mph and he really liked it. He’s really used to it now and he’ll want to go on rides all the time. He was skeptical on the helmet too but now he loves it. In the car he’s still facing backward but here he’s facing forward and gets to look around and up and down. He really likes that.”

Rob got his Bullitt Clockwork cargo bike at G&O Family Cyclery in Seattle.