Father & Son Duo: Team Bicycle Quarterly

Team Bicycle Quarterly spotted heading south toward West Seattle.

I spotted this father & son duo heading south toward West Seattle today as I was heading north. Dad is the publisher of Bicycle Quarterly. I interviewed the son, since I figure dad has plenty of opportunities to express his opinions on bicycling.

Why do you love bicycling? Or did your dad force you to bicycle?

“It’s not really a matter of forcing. You kind of grow up with it and get used to it. And as you get used to cycling you also grow to love it. You grow into it as a kid and it becomes really natural. I like long distance riding. Not super long distance. Riding through town on my bike. Stuff like that. Cyclocross is also very fun.”

What do you think’s the difference between kids who grow up riding bikes seriously and kids who don’t?

“If you don’t grow up riding bikes it’s harder to get into riding bikes. Those are kids who might never learn to ride a bike. If you grow up with it you might work for the bike industry or something. You learn a lot riding a bike. You learn about road safety. You get to see the world. You get to see your city on a bike. Otherwise you’re just sitting in your car.”

Where have you been on your bike?

“I’ve ridden out to Monroe with my dad. Today we’re riding to West Seattle. I’ve ridden in Germany. It’s neat seeing how people bike in other countries too.”

What do you want to do when you’re older?

“When I’m older I think it’d be cool to ride Paris-Best-Paris someday. Go riding in other countries some more. Doing some long randonneuring events as I get older. Longest I’ve done so far is about 75 miles, but I’m working on my stamina — building it up. In a few years I’ll be able to go on longer rides. I’ve always been riding my bike and I gradually go farther.”

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  • I’m now aware of your blog through the good offices of Jan Heine’s Off the Beaten Path, so thanks very much! Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and don’t go too crazy with all the “Black Friday” hoopla! Stay away from all those “Door Buster Specials”–sounds dangerous–you might get trampled in all the mêlée!