Riding in Style with Aaron & the Alki Tribe

Aaron Alki Tribe

Aaron is a member of the Alki Tribe.

I live in West Seattle and regularly ride around Alki Beach for fun and as my commuting route. It’s one of the best places for people watching. A few years back I started noticing this guy on a bike with a world-class beard, cruising Alki with his friends. He seemed to be having more fun than anyone. His name is Aaron, and he’s one of the organizers of the Alki Tribe. They meet every Thursday at 6:30 PM at Constellation Point and ride Alki year-round rain or shine.

What’s the Alki Tribe about?
A couple of us got together and started a ride. The ride was already happening but two of the individuals invited a couple of us along and then we decided to all invite our friends and it kind of grew from there. It’s just about getting together with your friends on Thursdays and riding bikes and having fun. It’s an opportunity to get together and hang out with each other.

How many people are in it now?
Well over a hundred, but we pull about 50 a week. Not everyone makes it to every ride.

What’s so great about riding bikes?
It’s the camaraderie and you don’t gotta buy gas.

Have you gotten a lot of people on bikes who weren’t riding before?
Yeah, yeah, absolutely. A lot of people have gone from being casual riders to more every day riders. Lots of people have upgraded their bikes and gotten more serious and bought helmets.

Do you think they’re happier?
Oh yeah. Everyone around here is pretty happy.

What’s your philosophy in life?
I’m just here to have fun.

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